what are our Legislative Priorities?

The California Catholic Conference (CCC) is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in California. We advocate with policy makers and the public to advance the Catholic vision of human life and dignity, to enhance the honorable and good in society, and to uplift those who are poor and vulnerable. We offer education to Catholics and the general public. We empower Catholics to put their faith into action consistent with Catholic teaching.

Uplifting Vulnerable

We are dedicated to engaging in policies and activities demonstrating Christ’s devotion to the vulnerable including working to uplift mothers and families in need, eliminating human trafficking, offering victim assistance to victims of domestic and other types of violence, and providing exceptional end-of-life care.

Cultivating Strong &
Healthy Families

Strong and stable families are the foundation of healthy communities. The CCC advocates for policies that strengthen and stabilize families including social services and economic relief; affordable and exceptional healthcare – including the vital importance of mental health – as well as the promotion of healthy family structures and bonds.

Advancing Educational

We look to support policies that include increasing childcare, preschool, and early learning opportunities; providing parents with options for schooling; promoting successful academic outcomes for both parochial and public school students, and advocating for strong teacher preparation and professional development.

Building Sustainable

We are engaged in environmental policies that care for our common home and uphold the responsibility of all to contribute to the good of society, including the pursual of adequate and affordable housing for all, and public safety policies and restorative justice reforms that create safe environments and recognize the inherent value of each person.


The California Catholic Conference looks to enhance our ability to serve others through ministerial involvement, civic participation, and community engagement. In addition, the Conference seeks policies that protect our ability to live out our theological and doctrinal truths.

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