SB 292 and SCA 5 – Money Follows the Child

These bills would enact Education Savings Accounts for all K-12 students, creating an individualized approach to K-12 education by allowing parents to choose what accredited school best suits their child’s needs and have the student’s share of Proposition 98 funding follow them. Any unused funds can be saved from year-to-year and used to pay for college or vocational training upon graduation from high school. The California Catholic Conference, as a matter of justice, advocates for the high-quality education of all California’s students attending our public and private schools, from early childhood through college, especially those most in need.  Additionally, the California Catholic Conference affirms that all parents and guardians have both the right and responsibility to guide their children’s education, including choosing public, charter, independent, or faith-based schooling.  The California Catholic Conference is the largest private nonprofit provider of education.

*Both failed in the Sen. Education.

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