July 28, 2024 Marriage: The Multiplication of Love

For Catholics, the key to living the Sacrament of Marriage is trusting in the blessing that comes from Jesus. Whenever we feel like our gifts are too meager, Jesus simply says, “Show me what you have.”

Through this beautiful sacrament, as husband and wife we place our lives, our bodies, our everything into the hands of the Lord. God takes our gifts, blesses them like the loaves and fish, and multiplies the love of our marriage—through hospitality, through any children God may give, and through our living witness to God’s self-sacrificing love—to radiate love into the world.

Couples and families, it’s time to elevate your spiritual journey right from the comfort of your own home! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to access enriching resources available on this page. Remember, even the smallest actions you take are impactful, shaping the love and values your children carry into their future marriages. And for our parish communities, let’s come together to interweave these invaluable resources into your monthly pastoral activities. Get Started Below!

Monthly Resources

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Family Resources

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Marriage and Family Life in Your Arch/Diocese

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