Call Your Senator to ask for a NO VOTE on SB 1196

In 2015, California legalized assisted suicide for adults with illnesses of 6 months or less to live. Now, a Senator is pushing a bill to allow all chronically ill Californians to receive assisted suicide, as well as people with dementia. Right now, millions of Californians don’t have health care and can’t find doctors or hospitals. The State needs to ensure people have good and accessible healthcare so that people with chronic illnesses don’t feel coerced into dying prematurely. No one should feel compelled to use assisted suicide due to a scarcity of housing, food, pain management, mental health treatment, home health, or psycho-social support.

The most effective way to fight this bill is by calling your State Senator. You can find their phone number by filling out the information in the boxes to the right.

Your Senator must hear from you. Please call them and tell them that this law goes too far and has the potential to harm you, your loved ones, and especially those with vulnerabilities like dementia.

Call Now! 

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