New Auxiliary Bishops Ordained in Los Angeles, San Diego

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Diocese of San Diego held two ordination Masses this week to welcome four and two new Auxiliary Bishops, respectively.

Fathers Albert Bahhuth, Matthew Elshoff, Brian Nunes, and Slawomir Szkredka were ordained in the afternoon Ordination Mass on Sept. 26 in Los Angeles. This was the first time four auxiliary bishops have been ordained in any diocese since 1986.

“Love is the true meaning of our religion. Spreading that love to the ends of the earth is the Church’s mission,” Archbishop José H. Gomez told new Bishops in his homily during the Ordination Mass this week. “Today, my dear bishops-elect, the Lord consecrates you to lead in that mission.”

Fathers Michael Pham and Felipe Pulido were ordained at St. Therese of Carmel Church in San Diego on Sept. 28. This was the first time in the diocese that two auxiliary bishops were ordained at once, and Father Pham became its first Vietnamese auxiliary bishop.

“For as leaders in the Church, you must help us all to understand that in all of our individual pilgrimages on this earth, it is God who is launching us, God who is guiding us, and God who surrounds us with every blessing we know and cherish in this world,” said Cardinal Robert McElroy during Thursday’s Mass.

“This week, we welcomed 6 new bishops to CA who reflect the wide diversity of the faithful in CA. Four of the six are immigrants to the United States from countries around the globe; several have backgrounds in science, several have served for years in education, and others have experience in diocesan leadership,” said CCC Executive Director Kathleen Domingo.

“The Holy Spirit has called these men to serve the Catholic community in California. At the ordinations, I was struck by their humility and generosity. They are eager to begin their ministry, and we look forward to reaping the benefits of their service, their energy, and their desire to share the Gospel of Jesus throughout our state,” Domingo said.

On behalf of the entire CCC, congratulations and welcome Bishops!

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