California Bishops Respond to the Death of George Floyd

Bishops across the state of California are responding to the recent events in light of the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Below is a list of the most recent statements from the Bishops, including Archbishop Jose Gomez’s statement on behalf of the USCCB. 

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

“We should not let it be said that George Floyd died for no reason. We should honor the sacrifice of his life by removing racism and hate from our hearts and renewing our commitment to fulfill our nation’s sacred promise — to be a beloved community of life, liberty, and equality for all.”

Archdiocese of San Francisco

“We need cultural change, a transformation of the cultural mentality – ultimately, a spiritual metanoia. And that change of mind, heart and soul cannot even begin without the admission of sin, personal as well as societal.”

Diocese of Fresno

“We are obligated to ‘do’ justice to the best of our ability. St. Peter offers a suggestion for doing just that. It involves personal responsibility and deep examination of one’s conscience. In a word, it involves leaving sin behind as we read, “Therefore, beloved, since you await these things, be eager to be found without spot or blemish before him, at peace.”

Diocese of Monterey

“Before we heal the wound of racism in our country and before we start telling people what we believe, we need to hear the pain that is real and palpable for so many people today.”

Diocese of Oakland

“The violence which comes from systemic racism has caused too much suffering for people of color in our land. As we pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the great feast of Pentecost, may our minds and hearts truly be converted, so as to rid ourselves of the sin of racism.”

Diocese of Orange

“Be the first to love.” We need to love because “perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment, and so one who fears is not yet perfect in love. We love because God first loved us” (1 John 4:18). We are afraid for many reasons.”

Diocese of Sacramento

“As we strive to lift ourselves from the wreckage of these past days the medicine our souls need is prayer. This is perhaps out of fashion today, but it is a timeless source of hope. We must ask the Lord Jesus to keep us from a hardness of heart.”

Diocese of San Bernardino

“The wound that many are carrying with regard to race and its relationship to our criminal justice system has been tragically reopened. We cannot dismiss the outcry of the people for justice for all before the law.”

Diocese of San Diego

“The only authentic moral response to this moment in our nation’s history is a sustained conversion of heart and soul to genuinely comprehend the overwhelming evil of racism in our society, and to refuse to rest until we have rooted it out.”

Diocese of San Jose

“As Catholics, it is not enough to relegate our concern to only thoughts and prayers. Our church, at every level, must speak out unequivocally and work against the sin of racism.”

Diocese of Stockton

“We pray for all victims of violence in our society. Every act of violence dishonors God who bestows life and commands us to cherish it. We pray for all whose lives are not respected or protected as they should be.”

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