California Bishops Oppose CA Constitutional Amendment to Expand Abortion – No On Prop 1

The California Catholic Conference vehemently opposes Proposition 1 (SCA 10), which looks to enshrine the most extreme forms of abortion into the California Constitution. We believe in protecting life at every age in every stage. We are extremely troubled by the language in Prop 1, which is so broad and unrestrictive that it would encourage and protect even late-term abortions, which most Californians oppose. We also fear the boundless scope of this proposed amendment, which asserts a new constitutional right to “reproductive freedom” but does not define what that means.

This constitutional amendment, as written, will legalize and protect abortion up to the point just prior to delivery. It is distressing that so many California leaders would push an amendment that allows the taking of a human life moments before birth. In this regard, Prop 1 would more closely align California with the extreme abortion policies of only a few countries rather than those of the majority of western democracies, which do not allow late-term abortions.

The sad reality is that California already has some of the most accommodating abortion laws and services in the nation. And by providing extensive funding for abortion services without any corresponding equitable funding for pregnant women and mothers, the state exercises a destructive, coercive power in favor of ending innocent lives. Enshrining this amendment’s language into the constitution will extend the danger of coercive abortion to babies with unquestioned viability.

The California Catholic Conference will be actively engaged in opposing the upcoming ballot initiative and asking the state’s 12 million Catholics to work to raise awareness and vigorous opposition in our dioceses, parishes, and communities.


No On Prop 1 –

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