Archbishop Gomez: CA confession bill amendment is still ‘unacceptable violation of our religious freedoms’

Archbishop Jose Gomez’s statement on Amendments to California “Confession Bill”

I have been studying the amendments made to SB 360 by the Senate Appropriations Committee last week.

I am grateful that Senators heard the voice of the Catholic people — who understand that confession is a sacred space, an intimate dialogue between the believer and the living God. We know that no government, for whatever reason, should violate the privacy and confidentiality of that sacred conversation.

And while I appreciate that the committee accepted several of the Church’s recommendations to strengthen mandated reporting requirements for clergy, as amended SB 360 still denies the sanctity of confession to every priest in the state and to thousands of Catholics who work with priests in parishes and other Church agencies and ministries.

Even as amended, SB 360 remains an unacceptable violation of our religious freedoms that will do nothing to protect children. As a Catholic community, let us continue to work with lawmakers for a bill that truly advances our shared goals of fighting the scourge of child sexual abuse in our society.

Tell your State Senator to vote “NO”on SB 360; click here. Do it today, a crucial vote in the State Senate is expected as early as May 21. 

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