CA Catholic Bishops Reaffirm Support for the California Values Act (SB 54)

The following statement was released by Edward “Ned” Dolejsi, Executive Director of the California Catholic Conference, regarding the Catholic Bishops’ support of SB 54, the California Values Act:

SACRAMENTO, CA – “Today’s announcement that policymakers have reached agreement on compromise language in SB 54, the California Values Act, could not have come at a better time. The California Catholic Conference of Bishops reaffirms its support for SB 54.  The bill is as an important step toward strengthening trust, promoting common sense and addressing the failures in our Federal immigration system, while still protecting our communities.

“We’d particularly like to thank the immigration advocates who have worked diligently to reach this compromise; the law enforcement officials for keeping the importance of community safety in the forefront and decoupling SB 54 discussions from the polarized immigration debate in this nation; and Governor Jerry Brown and Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon for leading a debate on a very sensitive topic and working hard to form a compromise to protect the vulnerable members of our California community.

“As President of the Catholic Conference Bishop Jaime Soto said last month: “SB 54 is threading the prudent path between respect for human dignity and sensible community-policing, while resisting a brutish nativist polemic heard in some quarters.”  The Catholic Bishops have pointed out many times that the current immigration system is seriously in need of comprehensive reform.

“The California Catholic Conference urges the legislature to vote “Aye” on SB 54 and for Governor Brown to sign the bill into law when it reaches his desk.”

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