SB 2 Gun Control in Sensitive Spaces

This bill would prohibit concealed carry in sensitive spaces, including schools, houses of worship, parks, and stadiums. It would also update licensing criteria for concealed carry, raise the age of an applicant to 21, and impose new training and gun storage regulations. Guns are the second leading cause of death for children and teenagers, and gun homicides continue to rise in the state. The bishops of California have been deeply affected by the mass shootings and gun violence across our state, and the loss of our own Bishop David O’Connell from Los Angeles in February. The USCCB and Pope Francis have long supported reasonable gun control measures. Reducing gun usage in sensitive spaces is a step in the right direction to reduce gun violence through homicide, suicide, accidents, or injury. Fewer guns present on the streets will result in fewer people escalating to gun violence to solve conflicts.

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