Why is Housing So Expensive in California and What Can Be Done About it?

A few weeks ago the California Budget & Policy Center held their annual conference Policy Insights 2016. This presentation dealt with the housing crisis in California. The slide show by the California Housing Parntership Coorporation was a great overview of the issue. You can view the slides here.


Why Is Housing So Expensive in California and What Can Be Done About It?

Housing is more expensive on average in California than in every other state but Hawaii. The typical California household devotes more of its income to housing than does the typical household in the rest of the US, and housing consumes a particularly large part of low-income Californians’ budgets. Furthermore, access to housing in good neighborhoods is essential to key outcomes, from job opportunities to quality education and health. What is it about California that makes housing so expensive? What can be done to improve access to quality, affordable housing? In this workshop, you’ll hear leading experts discuss the underlying causes of California’s expensive housing, how limited access to affordable housing affects different segments of the population, and what policy solutions may exist to improve the situation.





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