What are the Pertinent Political and Moral Issues at Stake Today?

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What are the Pertinent Political and Moral Issues at Stake Today?

As Catholics, “we bring the richness of our faith to the public square.” This means shedding light on the shadows that plague our society. How does the church shed light on issues of human life? On the situation and rights of Dreamers and immigrant families? On religious freedom and conscience rights? On the realities of xenophobia, human trafficking, racism, and even infanticide? All of these are current issues that need to be met with the Church’s testimony that all human beings, from conception to natural death, have inherent dignity, are created equal, and have the right to life. Visit www.cacatholic.org for more information on how to think through these issues as a faithful Catholic. Also, view the U.S. Bishops’ publication Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship for timeless insights on these timely social issues at usccb.org/issues-and-action/faithful-citizenship/index.cfm.

Election Day is just over two weeks away, and many are already filling out their ballots.

The CA Catholic Conference has an array of election resources (see below) that can be dropped into electronic bulletins or printed for inclusion in bulletins to help parishioners discerning their choices on the November ballot. You can also find summaries of the propositions and faithful citizenship resources on our website. Be sure to watch our Facebook and Twitter pages and share our posts to share the resources with others.


Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship

Pope Francis has released his third encyclical Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship. In it, the Holy Father calls us to look outside of ourselves and into the deeper community with respectful, compassionate, and open hearts to our brothers and sisters in Christ. By doing so, political, social, and religious landscapes would be revolutionized with love.

You can read a summary of the letter at Vatican News or view Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gomez’s reflection of the encyclical as a gospel for the family. 


Pope Francis Prays for Wildfire Victims

Pope Francis expressed his concern Sunday for people suffering from the effects of wildfires in California and South America.

“I would like to express my closeness to the populations affected by the fires that are devastating so many regions of the planet, as well as to the volunteers and firefighters who risk their lives to extinguish the blazes,” Pope Francis said at the end of his Angelus address Oct. 11.

“I am thinking of the West Coast of the United States, particularly California … May the Lord sustain those who are suffering the consequences of these catastrophes,” he added.

Continue Reading at AngelusNews.com


Understanding the California Propositions

Only material prepared by the local diocese, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops or the California Catholic Conference (CCC) may be published or disseminated in parishes.  The Church does not endorse candidates, but it does offer a clear set of social teachings to help faithful citizens discern their vote.  The analysis of the California propositions is particularly useful for people to cut through the noise and clutter of political ads, mailers and questionable claims.

Below is a bulletin announcement, ready to use, from the California Catholic Conference to point parishioners to the analysis of the propositions.  More announcements, on a variety of topics, are available on our Faithful Citizenship page:

In addition to candidates for national, state and local offices, Californians will be asked to vote on twelve statewide ballot measures next month.  As faithful citizens we are called to make informed voting decisions based on a clear understanding of our faith and a deep appreciation of life, the common good, solidarity, care for the poor and the other principles of faith and morals that are to guide our life.  We can use these principles to help us make informed, faithful discernments on the candidates and the issues.  To help with the complicated issues involved in each of the propositions, the California Catholic Conference has provided descriptions of each one with clear background, non-partisan analysis and a sampling of the principles of Catholic social teaching to help us in that discernment.  Visit cacatholic.org/elections for more on the propositions, details on Catholic social teaching, information of Faithful Citizenship and much more.  AND don’t forget to VOTE on November 3!


Try the New Earthquake Warning App

Thursday was the Great California Shakeout, where thousands of Californians throughout the state practiced what to do in case of an earthquake emergency. To continue striving for earthquake preparedness, officials are urging everyone to download Earthquake Warning California’s MyShake App.

Earthquake Warning California is the country’s first publicly available, statewide warning system that could give California residents crucial seconds to take cover before you feel shaking. Managed by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), Earthquake Warning California uses ground motion sensors from across the state to detect earthquakes before humans can feel them and can notify Californians to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” in advance of an earthquake. 

Click here for more.


Tenderness is love that draws near and becomes real. A movement that starts from our heart and reaches the eyes, the ears, and the hands. Tenderness is the path of choice for the strongest, most courageous men and women. #FratelliTutti




October 16, 2020
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