Vital Abortion Legislative Alerts

CA Capitol

With committee hearings in full swing and numerous bills threatening the sanctity of life in California, the California Catholic Conference is looking to the Catholic Legislative Network to engage lawmakers to help make the Catholic voice heard loud and clear in the Capitol walls this spring.

The CCC submitted letters opposing SB 1142, SB 1245, and SB 1375 this week, all bills aimed at expanding abortion services in California. Specifically, these bills would permit a nurse practitioner to perform abortions without physician oversight, establish an Abortion Practical Support Fund to provide grants for airfare, lodging, ground transportation, gas money, meals, dependent childcare, and doula support for women seeking an abortion, as well as establish the Los Angeles County Abortion Access Safe Haven Pilot Program.

So far, there are 17 bills dealing with abortion, and while the sheer number is overwhelming, the CCC will need participation on your part every step of the way as these bills advance. While it might seem like there is an endless amount of emailed alerts hitting your inbox soon, it’s more important than ever that you take action on each piece of legislation. Every committee and every vote is a chance to make a difference.

Please head to our Action Alert page to take action on these bills now and ensure lawmakers know that the State’s 12+ million Catholics are opposed to expanding abortion services.  

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