Physcian-Assisited Suicide Effort Relaunched

Statement from Opposition Coalition Against ABx2 15

Responding to the introduction of ABx2 15 today the coalition Californians Against Assisted Suicide released the following statement:

"This is a heavy-handed attempt to force through a bill that could not get any traction at all in committee.  It's one thing to run roughshod over the normal committee and legislative process to jam through a district bill, but to do that on what is literally a life-and-death issue is clearly abusive, and should concern all Californians.

"It is particularly troubling that in this rush to judgment proponents are linking this bill with healthcare financing.  That  should be truly frightening to those on MediCal and subsidized health care, who quite logically fear a system where prescribing suicide pills could be elevated to a treatment option.

"Just last week NBC Bay Area reported in a story about a San Francisco Superior Court judge upholding California's assisted suicide law, 'The judge repeatedly expressed concern Friday about the possibility that, if the law was changed, a patient who is suffering financially from a terminal illness would be able to choose to die simply because their family wasn't able to afford their continued medical expenses.'"

Clovis Honore, President of San Diego Black Health Associates notes, "Assisted suicide is not the issue of those who are poor or working poor. Let's focus on funding basic access and quality palliative care for those in need who face financial challenges."

Assisted suicide is opposed by a broad coalition including Disability Rights California, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, California Disability Alliance, Association of Northern California Oncologists, Medical Oncology Association of Southern California, California Foundation for Independent Living Centers, Alliance of Catholic Healthcare, Austic Self Advocacy Network, National Council on Independent Living, ADAPT, American Association of People with Disabilities, United African American Action Ministerial Council , The Arc California and dozens of others.


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