Other Sources for Marriage Preparation

Catholic Marriage Preparation, Inc

Catholic Marriage Preparation, Inc. (CMP) is dedicated to the building of strong Catholic marriages.  With God being the source and foundation of marriage, it is foremost a spiritual journey.  CMP is deeply rooted in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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The Family Life Institute: Christian Married Life

The Family Life Institute is an educational agency responding to the challenge of the Pontifical Council on the Family to educate children in faith and morals in ways that acknowledge the dignity, responsibility and competency of parents. 
Christian Married Life helps meet the challenges of marriage preparation in today's culture with slide shows that help provide an understanding of the objectives in marriage preparation, the conditions facing the engaged couple, an orientation on the preparation sequence and how the presentations work in the Sincere Gift of Self Marriage Course.

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The Gift Foundation: The Sacrament of Marriage Seminar

The Gift Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1997 dedicated to helping people understand the beauty and reasoning behind the Catholic Church's teaching on marriage and sexuality through audio and video products, conferences, and seminars. 

The Sacrament of Marriage Seminar is a program of 11 videos exploring various aspects of Christian Marriage.

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Ascension Press: God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage

Ascension Press is a private Catholic book and program publisher.  Their products are available online and in various bookstores.
God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage is a new, supplemental marriage preparation program by renowned Catholic author and teacher Christopher West, based on Pope John Paul II’s revolutionary Theology of the Body.                                                      

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