Minorities need health care, not life-ending prescriptions

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The following op-ed by Diocese of San Jose Bishop Oscar Cantu appeared in the San Jose Mercury News.

In our Hispanic culture, caring for the sick and the dying is part of us. We hold the family close yet reach far to include many in our circle. We cherish the older generation, our abuelas, and abuelos. And on dia de los Muertos, we decorate elaborate altars to remember our beloved deceased.

As with many groups, we take pride in our care for the sick. But that compassion and care has not been extended to everyone in California. It's a situation society must urgently address.

Extraordinarily, instead of focusing on solutions to the injustice caused by inadequate health care, California is debating whether to make physician-assisted suicide easier and to open the "option" to more minorities.

Priorities seem askew.

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