Insights: Catholic Schools Leading in Learning; COVID-19

Pope at Urbi et orbi








Pope Francis gives a "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world) blessing on March 27, 2020.  Click here to read the text of his Homily.


Catholic Schools Trailblazing Distance Learning in California

When Governor Gavin Newsom urged public schools throughout the state to close in response to the threat of COVID-19, California’s 250,000 Catholic school students didn’t miss a beat in their curriculum. Although it still remains up to the County Offices of Education/School Districts whether to close, many have decided to do so and are finalizing plans to start distance learning.

On the other hand, California Catholic schools had already put into place their distance learning plans. Over the prior couple of weeks, each diocese in the state developed and launched its own similar version of “distance learning” for their students, before closing their campuses, and continuing instruction in student homes utilizing available technology.

“We had about a week to prepare when we heard from the Governor’s office that this would probably be happening,” said Sacramento Diocese Superintendent of School Lincoln Snyder.

At the end of February, Catholic school superintendents from throughout the state had gathered on retreat, and recognizing the looming threat of COVID-19, discussed what steps to take should school campuses be closed for a length of time.

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Resources to Keep You Healthy

Spiritual - During the last week, dioceses and parishes have offered more and more ways to connect online with daily and Sunday Mass.  Many dioceses, for instance, now have regular livestreaming from their Cathedrals as well as lists of parishes that not only have Masses but adoration as well. Click here for a list of online masses, daily readings, and other resources.

Health - Getting accurate information is vital right now, and both Dignity Health and Providence St. Joseph Health have launched online resources pages to assist you.  Dignity Health provides a symptom checker, options for virtual appointments including virtual emergency room appointments, and information on local facilities.  Providence St. Joseph has the same information with updates by region and a blog with the latest news on COVID-19.  

Parish Support – Over the past week, just as dioceses and parishes are introducing new ways of evangelizing in the digital age  They have also made it simpler for you to continue supporting your parish financially.  Please take a moment to find your diocese and the digital ways you can give.


Recap of Governor’s Daily COVID Briefing Available

At noon almost every day, Governor Gavin Newsom reports to the people of California the status of the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  A recap of the presentation, which includes highlights of the presentation by the Governor and others, links to informative state agencies and a summary of health statistics for the state.

As soon as the material is available, we post it on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also find it on our News and Information page.

Stay safe and healthy.


News from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • Abortion as Health Care? – Some states have defined abortion as essential health care, allowing it to continue during stay-at-home directives are in effect.  Others have not and the USCCB Pro-life Secretariat Offers Comments on the debate here.  
  • USCCB Praises Lawmakers for Emergency Relief  - The CARES Act is being implemented to help fight the tremendous economic challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Relief for millions of Americans is on the way.


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“We are one human family. Let us bring all hostilities to a halt. May our joint fight against the #COVID-19 pandemic bring everyone to recognize the great need to reinforce brotherly and sisterly bonds.” #globalceasefire @antonioguterres @UN



April 3, 2020
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