Human Trafficking Report Released

Human Trafficking

The new 2020 Human Trafficking Report issued by the Human Trafficking Institute reports that human trafficking is taking place throughout the state.  

In California, nine new criminal human trafficking cases were filed in federal courts in 2020, and 16 defendants were convicted. Seventy-nine percent of active defendants were charged with sex trafficking, and 21 percent were charged with forced labor. These statistics do not include any state prosecutions or unreported cases, likely making the number much higher.

Trafficking is a vicious crime taking place in every part of the state. Catholic Social Teaching calls on us all to take action to stop this abhorrent atrocity. Click here for information on the USCCB's Stop Human Trafficking and Exploitation, Protect, Help, Empower, and Restore Dignity (SHEPHERD) program, which educates lay and religious leaders about human trafficking from a Catholic perspective.

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