End of Session Legislative Report

Assembly Floor

California lawmakers worked right up to and past the midnight deadline of the two-year legislative session, which officially ended at midnight on August 31. Those bills that made it through both houses now sit on the Governor’s desk until he either signs or vetoes each measure.

The CCC is closely monitoring the Governor’s actions, and you can expect to see a variety of alerts from the Catholic Legislative Network to urge either a signature or veto. The Governor has 30 days to act on any bill that is sent to him.

The CCC is thrilled to report that our sponsored bill, SB 905 (Archuleta, D – Pico Rivera), which protects the privacy of volunteers, passed out of the Assembly and now awaits Governor Newsom’s signature.  Please keep watch for an alert asking the Governor to sign this bill.

We are also pleased to report AB 2512 (Stone, D-Scotts Valley) passed. This bill updates the definition of “intellectual disability” to include conditions that manifest before the end of the development period as defined by clinical standards, which will benefit those with intellectual disabilities who are being charged or sentenced in the criminal justice system.

In a major win for economic justice, AB 1876 was passed and would extend the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) to all undocumented persons who meet the income requirements and pay taxes. The Governor recently extended the credit to those who meet the requirements who also have a child age six and under. Now the tax credit could be available to all who meet the requirement. 

In the latest news on the evictions in the state, the legislature did pass AB 3088, which pauses evictions through January 31 as a result of unpaid rent during the first six months of the pandemic. To prevent eviction, tenants would have to verify they’ve had COVID-19 hardships and also have to pay at least 25 percent of their rent starting in September. 

However, the bill does not erase any missed rent payments and landlords could attempt to recoup any missed payments starting March 1.

Find the fate of other bills the CCC tracked on our Legislation page.

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