Deadline to Introduce New Bills Passes

CA Capitol

Friday, February 18, was the last day to introduce bills for the 2022 California Legislative Session. The California Catholic Conference is now combing through the 2,113 total bills introduced.

Several lawmakers are trying to make good on California’s intention to become an abortion sanctuary state, proposing numerous bills aimed at protecting “reproductive rights.”

  • AB 2091 intends to protect "the reproductive privacy of out-of-state residents."
  • AB 1918 would establish reproductive health education scholarships via the Reproductive Scholarship Corps. It would look to pay off medical loans for those who train to provide abortion services.
  • AB 2029 would require all health insurance plans to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and fertility services.
  • Though AB 2134, the California Abortion and Reproductive Equity (CARE) Act, does not yet contain language, the author specifies that cost should not be a barrier to reproductive health services.
  • AB 2223 is a spot bill that does not yet specify its intention outside of “reproductive health.”

State Senator Dr. Richard Pan introduced SB 1479, which would require every California school to develop a COVID-19 testing plan and would authorize additional resources to implement school testing plans.

The California Catholic Conference will be tracking these bills as they are heard in committees and will be looking to have your help as we advocate via the Catholic Legislative Network. Please sign up here for the latest!

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