COVID-19 Vaccine Information Available from Santa Clara University

Doctor Coat

It turns out that the distance between Covid vaccines in a vial and a person's arm can be longer than we thought. This collaboration between the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County is an effort to close that distance through a grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

Through this project, Catholic Charities is expanding its already significant efforts to provide vaccinations in marginalized communities around the near and far reaches of Santa Clara County, and to support their effort, Catholic Charities, the California Catholic Conference, and the Ethics Center created the following media materials to support practitioners, nonprofit organizations, parish staff, social action directors, and school personnel as they encourage vaccination and address misinformation within their communities.

The key materials for distribution (PSA videos and a Get Vaccinated flyer are provided below in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin). The message we send throughout this collaboration is "Love your neighbor and get vaccinated." In doing so, you protect yourself, your family and friends, and your community.

Find the material here.

The USCCB also released a statement this week, praising the Biden administration's decision to 500 million COVID-19 vaccines to low-income countries.

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