Catholic Pediatricians Address Fears of COVID Vaccinations for Kids

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As of Aug. 31, 47 percent of people aged 12-17 had been partially or fully inoculated against COVID-19 — the lowest percentage of any age group eligible for vaccination, according to data analysis from The Washington Post.

Surveying reported Aug. 11 by the Kaiser Family Foundation indicates that 23 percent of parents of kids in this age range want to wait to see how the COVID vaccines are working before inoculating their kids; 9 percent say they'll only vaccinate them if mandated to do so and 20 percent say they will definitely not vaccinate their kids against COVID.

Dr. Sreeramya Kanumilli, a pediatrician with the Facey Medical Group in Burbank, California, says, "With the delta variant of COVID being much more transmissible to kids, and with school starting, we're starting to see increasing infections, increasing symptoms. The vaccine is the best way to protect people, and so I ask in every patient visit" about openness to vaccination.

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