California Lawmakers Earmark Additional Funding for Abortion Providers

In a late addition to a budget trailer bill, California lawmakers added $10 million dollars in funding for the California Health Center Security Grant Program earmarked specifically for health centers that provide abortion services. 

The California Catholic Conference opposed the funding in a letter to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. 

The use of our tax dollars to pay for the destruction of innocent human beings continues to be an issue of moral significance and ongoing controversy in our society.  While there are those who argue that our tax dollars must pay for an individual’s decision to have an abortion, it still is a morally wrong decision. 

AB 109 gives no "choice" to those Californians who hold pro-life views.  As has been the practice year after year, the abortion industry will receive increased state funding without oversight. 

The Conference pointed out that was particularly disturbing that at a time when the state claims that it is too poor to fully fund health care for millions in our state, California has chosen to instead provide more money to the abortion industry.

Budget trailer bills are the legislative means of enacting the California state budget but they have other “uses” as well.  According to long-time political commentator Dan Walters, writing earlier this year in the Orange County Register:

“In practice, they [trailer bills] serve another, much different function – to sneakily do things that might otherwise be difficult to do if they were fully exposed in advance to the public.”

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