Bishop Dolan's book on Suicide Response; Hyde Amendment Support

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Auxiliary Bishop John Dolan co-edited book 'Responding to Suicide'

San Diego Auxiliary Bishop John Dolan has co-edited a pastoral handbook, "Responding to Suicide," to assist Catholic ministry leaders.

Bishop Dolan's own life story includes the suicide of two siblings, the suicide of one of the spouses of one of his siblings, and an attempted suicide by a third sibling.

"Our goal is to communicate to Catholic leaders that tending to people with a mental illness is not a program a parish can offer, it's an approach, an attitude," said Bishop Dolan in this interview with The Southern Cross. "If pastors have an appreciation for the science of psychology, and not dismiss it in favor of judgement, the way we address people with mental disorders will be better."

The California Conference of Bishops released a pastoral statement on mental health in 2018, calling the "ministering to those who suffer from mental illness is an essential part of the pastoral care of the Church."

A companion workbook for survivors of suicide will be published in January. “Responding to Suicide” is available from Ave Maria Press.


Threat of SB380 and Legislative Updates

While the legislature is busy nailing down final details of the state budget, which must be passed by the June 15 deadline, the bill to extend physician-assisted suicide in the state is still alive and threatening to create dire consequences for Californians and the sanctity of life.

SB 380 (Eggman, D – Stockton) would remove the "safeguards" originally established when physician-assisted suicide was legalized in the state. The 2015 law was passed narrowly in a "backroom" type move, and now the supposed "safeguards" installed in the bill are on the chopping block.

Visit to learn more and send an alert today letting your legislators know that SB380 puts patients at risk of abuse and the early and unwilful termination of life.   Watch for additional Action Alerts as the debate is engaged.

You can also view all bills of significance we are tracking, such as SB 245 – the bill to eliminate co-pays – on our Legislation page.


Act Now to Support Hyde Amendment

For 45 years, the Hyde amendment has protected taxpayers from being forced to pay for elective abortions. It is estimated that the Hyde Amendment has saved nearly 2.5 million babies and mothers in difficult circumstances from the tragedy of abortion. 

Now, President Biden's proposed federal budget eliminates the Hyde Amendment, which has been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike for four decades.

Urge your federal representatives to prevent Americans from being forced to subsidize the taking of innocent life. Take time today to help ensure that the Hyde Amendment remains in place in the upcoming federal budget. Add your name to the petition that will be sent to members of Congress. The greater number of names and voices, the greater the impact. Sign now!


Event Highlights Renter Assistance Relief Efforts

Last week, seven California IAF Organizations and more than 650 people met via zoom to advocate for improvements to SB91, including extending the eviction moratorium until the end of 2021, and expand eligibility and allow more flexibility in distribution.

Diocese of San Jose Bishop Oscar Cantu participated in the event, praising essential workers and urging the need “to step up to keep them housed."

The CCC is closely monitoring the current eviction moratorium and other proposals and is interested in viable solutions that provide relief for both renters and landlords who have experienced hardships as a result of the pandemic.


State Reopening June 15

After more than a year of closures and restrictions and closures due to COVID-19, California is set to lift most mandates on June 15. Unvaccinated individuals will still be required to wear masks at all indoor locations. Those who are vaccinated will not be required to wear masks, with the exception of some locations, including hospitals, schools, and Disneyland.  Be aware, however, that policy and regulations continue to vary.  Check your local parish for Mass times and procedures and your local public health authorities for business, work, and other guidelines.

If you haven’t already done so and are medically able, please plan to get vaccinated at your earliest convenience. The Bishops of California support the use of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and recognize vaccination as an act of care for neighbors and the community.


Urge U.S. Senators to Protect Religious Rights in Equality Act

Respect for the life and dignity of every human is at the center of Catholic social teaching. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), for instance, helps define the parameters of these respective rights in the modern world.

Sadly, the Equality Act specifically nullifies the RFRA and threatens to punish faith-based health care, schools, charities, and other ministries whose religious beliefs conflict with certain gender-transition services, adoption and foster care programs, emergency shelters for battered spouses, and other services offered openly to the public by the charitable ministries.

Please urge Congress to oppose the Equality Act today.  Society needs to balance rights, not eliminate them.


Know Someone Who Could Use Public Policy Insights?

There is an abundance of activity taking place within the Capitol walls that have the ability to change life as we know it. The more who are aware of this work, the greater impact Catholics can have on legislation and policies that shape life in the state.

Please take the time to forward this Public Policy Insights email to anyone you think may want an inside look at the public policy work taking place in the Capitol and around the state.


"Our Eucharistic celebrations are transforming the world to the extent that we are allowing ourselves to be transformed and to become bread broken for others."




June 11, 2021
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