Assembly Votes to Expand Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

CA Capitol

The State Assembly voted Thursday morning to pass SB 245, a bill vehemently opposed by the CCC that would remove insurance co-pays or any other cost-sharing requirement for all abortion services and prohibit cost-sharing from being imposed on a Medi-Cal beneficiary for those services.

The bill passed on a 46 – 18 party-line vote.

“Instead of focusing on how to make abortion services more affordable, the legislature should be working on making the cost-of-living more affordable for mothers and caregivers,” said California Catholic Conference Executive Director Kathleen Domingo. “Where is the equitable push for services for mothers who can’t afford to take their child to the doctor when they are sick or for increased benefits for pregnant mothers to ensure their health and the health of their child? Removing co-pays and using taxpayer money for abortion procedures instead of increasing parental support services tells California’s mothers they are less valuable than those seeking abortions.”

Thank you to all who contacted their legislator via The Legislative Network to urge a no vote on this bill. Please stay with the CCC as we continue to fight this bill as it heads to the Governor.

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