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SB 380 Moves Out of Committee
Despite the large number of those who wrote to their lawmakers, the State Assembly Health Committee voted to pass SB 380, the bill intended to remove "safeguards" from the physician-assisted suicide law passed in 2015.
Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill up in Committee
Physician-assisted suicide is sadly legal in California through the so-called End of Life Option Act, which narrowly passed in 2015 with “safeguards” to ensure the law wasn’t inappropriately used. Now, lawmakers are trying to remove those “safeguards,” absurdly arguing that those measures prohibit too many people from using the method.
California shouldn't scrap 'safeguards' in End of Life Options Act
Assisted suicide is already legal in California through the so-called End of Life Option Act, narrowly passed by the California Legislature and signed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015. The bill received opposition from both Democrat and Republican Assembly members and state senators but was passed, many feel inappropriately, during a Special Legislative Session focused on Medi-Cal funding.

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