Respect Life Month
Parish Resources

This year is unlike any other in California. The Governor has issued a call to make California a “sanctuary” for women seeking abortions, both in and out of the State. At the same time, our State Legislators have placed Proposition 1 on the November ballot, promising to make abortion a fundamental right in California for all time, while also removing our current common-sense limits on late-term abortions.

At this pivotal moment, all 12 bishops of the dioceses of California have called for the Catholic community to engage in prayer, fasting, and conscience formation related to the defeat of Prop 1. In addition, they have committed to a vision for our State that honors women with life-affirming support and practical resources so that all families can thrive, and no woman feels trapped into the devastating decision to end her baby’s life by having an abortion.

Under the leadership of our bishops, we can create a future that empowers women, welcomes all children, and supports every family in our state. To carry out this vision, the California Catholic Conference (CCC) has been working with diocesan leaders to coordinate the dissemination of a broad range of spiritual, pastoral, advocacy, and service resources and initiatives. 

With Respect Life Sunday coming up on October 2, now is the time to engage all of our catechists in this multifaceted effort. The bishops have commissioned the development of age-appropriate catechetical materials for all of our Catholic children in K-12 faith formation, in both English and Spanish. These materials are partly based on the readings for Respect Life Sunday, so it will be best for catechists to use them with students either the week before or the week after Sunday, October 2.