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Mental Health Awareness Month; CA Elections News
Mental Health Awareness Month; CA Election News; Biden "respectfully" disagrees with Bishops on fetal tissue research and why CA shouldn't 'scrap' physician-assisted suicide "safeguards" in this week's Insights.
California shouldn't scrap 'safeguards' in End of Life Options Act
Assisted suicide is already legal in California through the so-called End of Life Option Act, narrowly passed by the California Legislature and signed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015. The bill received opposition from both Democrat and Republican Assembly members and state senators but was passed, many feel inappropriately, during a Special Legislative Session focused on Medi-Cal funding.
The CDC Revises Guidelines for Vaccinated Individuals
While demand for COVID-19 vaccines has fallen over the past couple weeks, the CDC released a new graphic that outlines "safe" and "safer" behaviors for fully vaccinated individuals that includes activities like attending small, outdoor events with other fully vaccinated people, and attending crowded events like concerts or sporting events.
Newsom Recall Qualifies While CA Loses Congressional Seat
It was an unusually busy news week for California elections in a non-election year. Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced that the campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom officially has enough signatures to trigger a recall vote, while California's unprecedented population exodus cost a congressional seat.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an immense amount of stress globally over the last year, with increased anxiety and fear. Additionally, there has been an increase in child abuse and domestic abuse, further signs that proper social and emotional health are not being adequately addressed.
Responses to Conviction of Derek Chauvin in George Floyd Death
A Minneapolis jury convicted former police officer Derek Chauvin this week of the murder of George Floyd. The jury in the closely watched trial took 10 hours over two days to convict Chauvin of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. He will be sentenced in eight weeks.