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Insights: End of Signing Period; Respect Life Month
The end of the legislative signing period brings wins, major disappointments; October is Respect Life Month; USCCB Denounces Exclusion of Catholic schools in the HEROES Act; election resources and wildfire relief support in this week's Insights.
Before You Vote: Did You Know?
An occasional series on Catholic teaching, issues, principles, historical circumstances, and other nuances to help you discern your vote on the upcoming propositions
Americans' Right to Worship Is Being Denied
I won’t be silent anymore. Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone - The Washington Post, September 16, 2020 - I never expected that the most basic religious freedom, the right to worship — protected so robustly in our Constitution’s First Amendment — would be unjustly repressed by an American government.
Court Rules to Rescind Protected Status for Legal Immigrants
This week, in Ramos v. Wolf, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rescinded an existing preliminary injunction or pause of the Trump Administration’s attempt to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for over 200,000 individuals living legally in the United States. 
Hispanic Heritage Month
The national observance of Hispanic Heritage Month will be celebrated September 15 through October 15 this year, recognizing the historic and current contributions of members of the Hispanic and Latino communities.
In the News: Questions Raised about Prop 14
The Orange County Register: "For one thing, times have changed and the original rationale — California doing what the feds wouldn’t — is no longer applicable. For another, private enterprise has taken a bigger interest and stepped up research in this field. For another, Prop. 14 doesn’t resolve a longstanding lack of oversight and accountability. And finally, imposing new costs on residents is hardly merited when most are struggling."