Human Dignity

We believe that each person has a right to access the basic necessities of life. We advocate for food and income security for all—especially children and the elderly. We believe in policies for decent housing and shelter, especially for farm workers. We support access to basic health care for all. We advocate for employment and promote the idea of fair wages and fair taxes. We oppose unjust discrimination, racism, torture and human trafficking.

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Feds and California Face Off on Immigration
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Sacramento this week to announce that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a lawsuit against the State of California claiming some of its new immigration laws violate the U.S. Constitution.
The Time to Act
The Catholic Bishops of California fervently appeal to each of you, as the elected Senators and Representatives of our California Congressional delegation:  Please step up now to protect the “Dreamers,” our young sisters and brothers from deportat