Insights: Latest on the Coronavirus; Legislative Hearings Commence

Sorting Through the Latest on the Coronavirus

As news, updates, and reactions on COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, continues to dominate media everywhere, there are several updates on the Catholic front to note.

All California dioceses have implemented steps to prevent spread of the virus although measures differ by diocese.  Some procedures include dispensing people older than 60 from the obligation to attend Mass, calling for reception of the Eucharist on the hands only, removing Holy Water or changing frequently, not holding hands during the Our Father and eliminating the Sign of Peace. 

The rapidly changing nature of the latest news on the virus has created a lot of fear and has made it challenging to find reliable information, but it is also dangerous to ignore the situation. For the latest news on Sunday services, you should always check with your diocese:

·      Archdiocese Los Angeles

·      Archdiocese San Francisco

·      Diocese Fresno

·      Diocese Monterey

·      Diocese Oakland

·      Diocese Orange

·      Diocese Sacramento

·      Diocese San Bernardino

·      Diocese San Diego

·      Diocese San Jose

·      Diocese Santa Rosa

·      Diocese Stockton

Your local County Health Department or School District will also have the most current information for your community.  Finally, some helpful statewide resources include:

·      California Department of Health

·      California Department of Emergency Services

·      California Department of Education

In the end, caution not panic is the best course.

Finally, the U.s. Conference of Catholic Bishops has this list of prayers for the sick.  As well as the following sample intercessory prayers:

For those struggling with terrible diseases:

that each day might be a new revelation

of God's love for them;

We pray to the Lord:


For those tempted to despair by constant pain:

that they might join their suffering

to the Cross of Christ;

We pray to the Lord:


For every little child who is ill or in pain:

that the beauty of their lives

might bring patience and hope;

We pray to the Lord:


California Legislative Hearings Commence

Now that the deadline to introduce new bills in the California State Legislature has passed, there is an increase in activity at the Capitol and Committee Hearings in both houses have now commenced. The uptick in action will likely continue until May or June when budget negotiations take centerstage.

The CCC is currently tracking thousands of already drafted bills and many others still being drafted by the Legislative Counsel Office. The CCC focuses on measures relating to reverence for life, human dignity, education, restorative justice, marriage and family life, faith in the public square, and immigration.

The number of bills will be drastically reduced after the first round of hearings and many others will never even be heard in committee. Additionally, all bills must be in writing for 30 days before they are heard in any committee. Nonetheless, all bills will continue to be monitored, as they can be amended throughout the process.

To view the bills the CCC is currently tracking or for legislative updates, visit the CCC Legislation Page


Catholic Relief Services National Collection

This year’s Catholic Relief Services collection will be held in many dioceses the weekend of March 21-22.

Each year, this collection supports some of the most marginalized communities in the world. Through development projects, pastoral outreach, legal support services, advocacy, and educational opportunities, the programs supported through The Catholic Relief Services Collection serve people who live in poverty and victims of persecution, war, and natural disasters.

Click here for more information on the collection, how to donate, and how funds are used.


We are called to rediscover what truly matters, what we really need, what helps us to live well and, at the same time, to identify what is secondary and that which we can easily do without. #GeneralAudience #Beatitudes




March 13, 2020
Vol. 13, No. 9

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