Governor Signs, Vetoes All Bills Before Deadline

CA Capitol

The deadline for Governor Newsom to sign or veto bills expired Oct. 10, and he signed into law 770 bills into law while vetoing 66 bills. 

We are disappointed to report that Newsom quietly signed SB 380, the removal of important protections in the physician-assisted suicide law. The contradiction in end-of-life care was evident, as the measure was signed one day after Newsom approved a moratorium on state licenses for new residential hospices, due to widespread fraud involving doctors falsely telling patients that they are terminally ill.

Nevertheless, thank you to all who wrote to state lawmakers and the Governor in an effort to defeat SB 380. The sunset portion of the law was removed from the original version of the bill, so your efforts did make an impact.

As previously reported, SB 245, the bill that would have eliminated abortion co-pays, was stalled and is now a 2-year bill and will be taken up at some point next session. This action was also a result of the thousands of letters sent to legislators. Please stay tuned for updates on this bill next session.

The CCC is pleased that Gov. Newsom signed SB 65, aka the California Momnibus Act, that aims to close the existing racial gaps in maternal and infant mortality rates. The bill will improve research and data collection on racial and socioeconomic factors that contribute to higher maternal and infant mortality rates in communities of color. 

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