Big Week in the Golden State

CA Capitol Spring

Voters handily rejected the recall of Gov. Newsom Tuesday, by nearly a two to one margin. Newsom portraited his win as "evidence that voters back his COVID-19 approach." He will now focus on the 694 bills that sit on his desk awaiting his signature or veto by Oct. 10, then on to his 2022 re-election campaign.

Before the recall, lawmakers uneventfully ended the session for the year without heated debates or political maneuvering characteristic of years past. The quiet was likely because of the looming recall election. Before they adjourned, the Senate did pass SB 380, the physician-assisted suicide bill that has now been sent to the Governor.

Please stay tuned for alerts on SB 380, SB 62, and other news as the Governor signs or vetoes bills during the coming weeks.  

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