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Parish Advocacy Guide

"We need to participate for the common good. Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is not true: good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern." - Pope Francis


February 5, 2016 Faithful Citizenship, Parish Advocacy Guide

The California Catholic Conference of Bishops has prepared the following instruction on political advocacy for use by Catholic clergy and parishioners. (January 2010)

November 28, 2011 Faithful Citizenship, Parish Advocacy Guide

Social ministry programs offer parishes a way to live out the concluding words of Mass:  "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord."  This is a call rooted in Scripture that goes beyond the charity works that many parishes offer, to realize that the charity and justice must be integrated into parish life.  Depending on the size and demographics of a parish, the social ministry can reflect issues of concern in the local community or the parish’s resolve to stand in solidarity on more complex issues of moral and human dimensions.